Toronto needs to back up its sanctuary city designation


Toronto: Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto City Hall (The City of Toronto)

Matt Owczarz

Originally published in the Et Cetera

Toronto is a sanctuary city.

But that doesn’t mean enough is being done for undocumented residents. A city has to be able to back up that title by providing adequate aid to asylum seekers while eliminating their risk of deportation.



The Long Road to Self-Driving Cars

2017_Toyota_RAV4_Hybrid-4The Toyota RAV 4 comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense driver assisting features. (Photo Courtesy of Toyota Canada Inc.)

Matt Owczarz

Originally published in Scribe Magazine

The future is in motion as Canada begins testing self-driving technology.

Autonomous – self-driving, or driverless vehicles – will be perfected to navigate roads without the need of  someone being behind the wheel. Equipped with GPS, cameras, and sensors, autonomous cars have the potential to be safer and more efficient – never running red lights, never exceeding the speed limit and devoid of all human error. However, there are a few kinks to work out before they can be fully rolled out.