Winners of the 2016 Canadian Comedy Awards


The winners for the 2016 Canadian Comedy Awards were announced on Nov. 6. (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)

Matthew Owczarz

This year marked the 17th consecutive year of the Canadian Comedy Awards.

The Canadian Comedy Awards, or CCAs, are a national ceremony celebrating Canadian comedians for achievements in live, television, radio and web comedy, said Simon Fraser, a representative from the CCAs.

The awards ceremony was hosted at The Silver City comedy club in Toronto on Nov. 6.

“It was very successful but very different than previous years,” said Kyra Williams, Vice President of Operations at Yuk Yuk’s Inc. and one of the three people in charge of running this year’s CCAs. “It was a much smaller ceremony and a lot of our nominees were from across Canada and we couldn’t ship them in because we didn’t have the money.”

This was a transitional year for the CCAs due to a lack of funding which turned the ceremony into an informal invite-only reception for the nominees and friends of the awards, she said.

“It was the shortest ceremony on record,”  Williams said. “Usually the awards ceremony takes a couple of hours, but we did this one in less than 2o minutes.”

Moving forward, the CCAs have high hopes to get televised again once they secure enough funding, she said.

The following are the winners of the 2016 Canadian Comedy Awards:

Comedic Artist of the Year

Graham Clark

Jus Reign

Kenny Hotz

K. Trevor Wilson

Mike Ward – winner


Mike Ward (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)



Best Live Ensemble

Dame Judy Dench

Sex T Rex

The Ryan & Amy Show

The Sunday Service

James & Jamesy – winner


James & Jamesy (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)



Best Standup Comic

Darrin Rose

Debra DiGiovanni

Derek Seguin

Lori Gibbs

Brian Aylward – winner


Brian Aylward (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)



Best Live Production

Cannibal The Musical

Colin Mochrie & Wayne Jones


One Night Only

The Comic Strippers – winner


The Comic Strippers (Photos courtesy of the CCAs)



Best Feature Film

How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town

Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed

Turbo Kid

Your Money Or Your Wife

Pure Pwnage – winner

Pure Pwnage.jpg

Pure Pwnage (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)


Best TV Show

Baroness von Sketch Show


Out There With Melissa DiMarco

Schitt’s Creek

The Trailer Park Boys (Season 9) – winner


The Trailer Park Boys (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)

Best Web Series


Riftworld Chronicles

Sex and the Single Parent

Soft Targets

Just Passing Through (Season 2) – winner


Just Passing Through (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)

Best Short

Dogs N Buns

Got Your Nose


Thank You

Kenny Hotz’s Getting An Election – winner


Kenny Hotz (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)

Best Audio Show or Series

Read Good Show

Retail Nightmares

Stop Podcasting Yourself

Taggart and Torrens

Trailer Park Boys Podcast – winner


The Trailer Park Boys Podcast (Photo courtesy of the CCAs)






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